About Me:

Straight up, I will warn you that succinct writing is not one of my best skills…

Many years ago I was an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse who left the profession to study a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). I became interested in research and pursued that as a PhD candidate. My work focused on improving prediction methods for long-term post-stroke neurocognitive and psychosocial disability so that survivors could be directed to more appropriate early rehabilitation than currently occurs. Unfortunately I had to leave before finishing. That is a long story and more detail will come as I write more for the blog. Look for the My story tags.

I have recently commenced a graduate-entry registered nursing program. I am incredibly passionate about mental health and also interested in critical care. I love learning and am a bit of a geek so am curious to see whether new interests will be sparked by this new level of study over the next couple of years. 

I also have lived experience of mental illness. Around 8 years ago, in the midst of third year of my psychology degree, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and social phobia. Bipolar for me was several hypomanic episodes that would not have been obvious to most people (eliminated with medication) and severe depression. The social phobia was “severe and disabling” although has now largely dissipated, and the bipolar is well managed. Overall, I am well, or in recovery if that’s your preferred term.

About Notes for Review:

I was encouraged to write this blog by some lovely people. The only certainties in my life seem to be that nothing follows the path I expect it to. I expect this blog will be about my experiences nursing (formerly, and currently as a Registered Nurse student) and mental health (my own experiences and anything else I find interesting enough to have an opinion on). However, I expect with time the blog will take its own direction.

You can read a little more about my thoughts behind starting Notes for Review on my first post Fitting in and belonging.

About Language:

Language in mental health can produce very heated debates, and rightly so. The way one talks can have an incredible influence on others, either positively or negatively. Language most definitely matters. Some of the terms I am most comfortable with at the moment are disliked or even despised by others with lived experiences and vice versa. So please, if you read anything I have written using terminology offensive to you, substitute your preferred term. I mean no offence.

About WordPress Advertising:

I currently blog with a free WordPress account, which is the best account for my current situation. These accounts insert advertising below posts. I have no control over these or their content and I do not receive any money from these ads. I do not endorse any company or products that are advertised here.

About Social Media:

For much more abbreviated versions of my thought-stream, you can follow me on Twitter @notesforreview



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